Christine danced 13 solo performances in Edinburgh Scotland's 2010 Fringe Festival

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Christine danced 13 solo performances over a week in Edinburgh Scotland's 2010 Fringe Festival. She celebrated solo dance and "the singular" voice of American women dance pioneers from 1923 to the Present.

Of CJ/MAPs recent performances:

"The talented Jowers lifts the piece with palpable joy and a sense of lightness shining through her every movement. She brings just as much emotion, albeit a very different kind, to Isadora Duncan’s Revolutionary. Although this short piece consists of a small set of repeated movements, those movements are passionate, powerful, dramatic and despairing — thanks to both Duncan and Jowers — making this piece one of the highlights of the programme."
- Amanda Grimm,

"Christine Jowers, who danced with passion and talent – of worthy note was her work on 'Revolutionary' is a tribute to Jowers' abilities."
- Sara Cooke, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Rehearsing Rebecca Rice's "Tribute"

Working on Rebecca Rice's "Tribute" a tribute to her Denishawn Heritage

all about music visualization and gesture...

working on those bird like arms for Jean Erdman's "Creature On a Journey"

"Creature On A Journey"

from "Mother of Tears" by Eleanor King ... caught in the middle of a traveling circle

Isadora Duncan's "Revolutionary"

"Revolutionary" by Isadora Duncan

"Revolutionary" by Isadora Duncan

"Voice of Light" by Kun Yang Lin

"Voice of Light" by Kun Yang Lin